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Russell PS is the second collection of stories by a writer who in the past few years has been making a name for himself with his well-written weird and dark fiction, although he's still better known for being the publisher of Tartarus Press. The ten stories, eight new, are all well worth reading. Souls Along the Meridian by Bill Congreve Blade Red Press features thirteen stories by the noted Australian editor, publisher, and writer, published between and in mostly Australian magazines and anthologies.

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One gruesome little tale is original to the collection. The stories are more odd than frisson-producing and I felt some of the endings needed a bit more oomph to them. But still, a very readable collection. This Way to Egress by Lawrence C. Connolly Ash-Tree has eighteen stories of horror, ghost, and mystery, plus a retrospective overview of the author's thirty-year career. One story is original to the collection. In it are seven stories, two of them previously unpublished novellas, one a new, very well-told conte cruel.

Stephen Jones edited the collection and has provided an introduction.

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Massene Henderson, a detective of the supernatural and his lovely assistant Samantha Jephcott in eleven entertaining stories, five of them new. The concluding novella is both horrific and charming, in equal measure. Paul Finch had a productive year with three collections out in Craddock Ghostwriter Publications is an e-book collection of four novellas about a Victorian detective of the supernatural. Cover and interior art by Frank Walls and Monster , containing eight monster stories, all but two originals. Slag Attack by Andersen Prunty Eraserhead Press features four interconnected stories about a grim, surreal post-apocalyptic world.

Seven Deadly Pleasures by Michael Aronovitz Hippocampus Press is a debut collection consisting of six stories and a long novella, four published for the first time. With a foreword by S. In addition to writing horror stories, world traveler Hearn wrote many books on Japanese culture and translated Japanese ghost tales. Wait for the Thunder by Donald R. Burleson Hippocampus Press has twenty-seven short stories, most published between and , with two original to the collection. Sub Rosa by Robert Aickman Tartarus Press is a reprint of the collection of eight tales originally published in With an introduction by Tartarus publisher Ray Russell.

The Tales of Tartarus Series by A.L. Mengel

The others were mostly published in Black Static. The volume has fifteen stories, five new.

Some are dark, some weird. Lansdale Subterranean is collection of five stories featuring the Rev. All appear for the first time. Four of the stories are new. There is one new story. The Best of Joe R. Lansdale by Joe R. The book is illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne and has a dust jacket by Alan M. With an introduction by Tim Lebbon.

Seven Ghosts and One Other by C. Ward Sarob Press heralds the welcome return of the press that shuttered its doors in The stories are M. Jamesian in tone and two are new.


The volume comes with an afterword and brief story notes by the author. Dear Dead Women by Edna W. Underwood Tartarus Press showcases the nine stories making up the supernatural and decadent fiction oeuvre of this American writer, who lived from — The book includes a story that has never been reprinted since its first publication in Introduction by S.

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In addition to seventeen reprints there are two new pieces, one a powerful novella about a woman taken prisoner by not so heavenly creatures who are convinced only she can save the world from apocalypse. Subscribe No obligation, cancel any time.

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A country wraps the world in its unique embrace. I want to tell my story. What could go wrong? It can feel superficial.

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