Atlantis and Lemuria: Their History and Civilization

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It was their task to impress upon man their own character which was love. Some superior beings incarnated in human form while others lived alongside and influenced humans through emanation.

The same force man used to impregnate himself was now directed inward to develop a brain. With the development of a brain finally, spirit, the faculty of thought, had an organ for exercising its function.

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Humanity was now enlivened with spirit. Not all bodies developed at the same rate. Here is an interesting note about the apes.

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According to Mme. Blavatsky humanity has had the assistance of higher beings to further our evolution. At this time we had several classes to assist us. One class of these are called the Dhyanis or Sons of Wisdom, who were destined to incarnate in human beings for the purposes of leadership.

Some of the Dhyanis delayed incarnating. By this time some of the underdeveloped protohumans had bred with an extinct ape-like species and produced a hybrid race. The late-comer Dhyanis had to incarnate into these human-animals. These bodies were not properly developed to house the superior beings. The descendant of this race are the apes; they failed to develop further and, in fact, degenerated.

As man was once less perfect than he is at present, they were once more perfect than they are now. The Lemurian Root Race, like all Root Races, consisted of seven sub-races which are not specifically named. And just as all Root Races have an overriding theme for development, for the Lemurians the focus was the will and the development of imagination. Once the Lemurians had separated into male and female the work of their race began in earnest with education of the children.

There was no memory and thus no language but Lemurians did have ideas which they could not hold for long. But their ideas had a power for them and for others who could read those thoughts and that was their communication.

Lemuria (Steiner)

The boys and girls were educated separately. Girls were also hardened by being exposed to a dreadful storm and expected to remain calm. They had to witness the boys in combat and had to do so fearlessly and come to admire the strength and power they saw. This was intended to cultivate the imagination but having no memory, the young Lemurians were dependent on outside stimulation to create the imagination over and over again. Women developed special human powers.

They took the forces of nature into themselves, where they had an after-effect in the soul. The germs of memory were formed. With memory was also born the capacity to form the first and simplest moral concepts. At first men knew nothing of this way of being. They followed instinctively either natural impulses or the influence of emanation from the initiated ones. Women began to exercise a sort of judgment and came to love things that had a positive impression on imagination and abhor other things that did not impress the imagination favorable.

From this the seeds of law and morals began. In her soul woman accessed a kind of spiritual power and clairvoyance unlike the will of men.

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She had memory. When the superhuman beings who sorted out the beginnings of what would become the first Atlantian Race, they put women in charge of the smaller groups they were divided into.

Lemuria (Steiner)

Through memory she could put the past to use. Through her understanding of good and evil she led with justice. The leaders had arranged things in such a way that through the soul of woman, the willful nature of men was ennobled and refined. Through the awakened soul life of women, the leaders also awakened it in men. Women took this even further connecting with the powers of spirit. They abandoned themselves to the mysterious weaving of the soul forces. Others began to gather round her to listen to her song, the beginning of language being song-like.

One can also see a matriarchy in action.

And it is easy to imagine the Oracle of Delphi singing her strange unintelligible song to an enthralled audience millions of years later. In the beginning, the Lemurians lived where ever nature provided, in caves, for example.

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  6. Later as the civilization progressed they began to purposefully build structures to live in, in areas where the volcanic activity was less. The volcanic activity was so widespread throughout Lemuria the people could not settle for long in one place without new eruptions causing them to move on. It was this constant volcanic activity that finally tore the world apart and sunk Lemuria.

    Some Lemurians did escape the destruction and migrated. They left descendants in Capoid race, the Congoid race, the Dravidians, and the Australoid race. Other Lemurians were deliberately relocated to specific area to prepare to seed the next race of Atlantians. The end of the Lemurian civilization marked the end of phenomenal development for mankind both by achieving physical existence and then splitting the individual into two genders.

    Lemurian Fellowship teaches spiritual development

    The Tamil people of southern India are descendants of the Dravidian race. In their culture they have a legend of a sunken continent called Kamari Kandam which they say was the cradle of civilization. It was located just south of India in the Indian Ocean precisely were part of Lemuria is said to have been. Early man had a great deal of help in his development from higher entities, both in physical and non-physical form.

    In the Third Race long before speech Lemurians were directed telepathically by superior beings in all aspects of their everyday life. The name of this nation was Poseid, and it was the offspring of the colony which the Pfrees overly practical had originally established.

    The nation of Poseid was inventive far beyond the wildest imaginings of modern scientists. Their fantastically advanced technology afforded consummate leisure, comfort, and a vast abundance of material things. Unfortunately, the people were much too preoccupied with the pursuit of physical pleasures and with the accumulation of luxurious possessions to take advantage of the opportunity to attain citizenship, and this shortcoming ultimately resulted in their downfall.

    Internal conflict arose when large numbers of Katholis overly idealistic deserted their cities in South and Central America and migrated to Poseid in order to escape their savagely warlike neighbors. The Katholi priests set about to bring Poseid under their sway, but they only succeeded in destroying the governmental and economic system which produced the wealth and luxuries they sought to usurp.

    Civil and religious warfare vexed the land until it submerged beneath the ocean waves. When Atlantis sank in a localized earthquake, it left all the rest of the globe impoverished so far as technology was concerned. Nobody else knew how to duplicate that technology; so many of the things that had been used world-wide simply didn't exist any longer. Even though technology gradually diminished in the rest of the world, they managed to be civilized towards one another. But then 3, years after the sinking of Atlantis came a world-wide reapportionment of the land masses. Osirian and Rama Nations: The third greatest civilization was the pre-dynastic Egyptian culture, known as Osiris, which was greatly different from the records that we are able to find of the various dynasties.