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The vision distances for some weather cycles has been increased and reduced for other so on a clear day you can now see almost across the whole area.

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The weather behaviour has been altered. There are now 2 main weathers cycles, good and bad.

They change in 2h - 8h periods depending on the area. The weather still changes from hour to hour within each period. Different weather balance graphs for each area have been implemented.

Over new photorealistic sky textures has been added. AtmosFear: Blowout The mod replaces vanilla blowout sequence making blowouts dark and gloomy, showing strange atmospherical phenomena similar to aurora borealis northern lights due to high level of ionizing radiation.


Particle waves sweeping across the area. New sound and environment effects created by imperialreign has been implemented. Various NPCs fate after blowout those not in the cover. Various blowout warnings. AtmosFear: Fallout The Zone is now even more hostile as radioactive and acidic fallouts occur from time to time.

They can cause significant damage if player caught in the open without decent protection from armor, artifacts or drugs.

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What about a high-voltage electrical possession? Find the answer to these questions and more with Atmosfear. Enter if you dare.

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Glitchedtones is a UK-based sound effects label with a focus on bringing unique audio content to media producers of all genres. Specializing in glitch elements using unconventional sound generators and recording techniques, the Glitchedtones output is perfect for anyone seeking audio with an edge. Feedback loops, granular synthesis, databending, circuit bent toys and more are exploited to deliver a versatile palette of unique sounds suited to a variety of multimedia projects. Outstanding for background ambiences and sound design.


This sound library is Available in Full Futurization Bundle! The atmosphere inside the mountain mine is cold and wet, with water dripping between levels, trickling down shafts and dripping in large pools. The recordings vary from extremely quiet and sparse dripping to gushing intense waterfalls with varying distance to source.