Chronicles of Ror the Princes Decision

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An appeal case occupied the court for a considerate time to daJ, The overseers of the poor of D??? Roberts was the d,-? D for? Powell for the r?. Jhcussion on various pom 8 ofhw, the? Lordship remarking that the? The committee have been enabled to effect this through the liberality of the Welsh Education Committee of the National Society. It was deemed ad- visible to keep the proceeding strictly Jp' nvate during this c? II, price, a man named Richard charged ith '!

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Deuman, ot? John DeuU1. Uon now In progress with reference to the loss of the Onon, will settle the question upon whom the responsibility rests of having taken a course ,hi,th brought the v?

Chronicles of Ror the Prince's Decision

It appears thateven if she had missed the fatal rock, which is only separated from the shore by a channel so narrow that nothing but small craft can safely pass inside, she must inevitably, within another minute or two, have gone right upon the rocks of the mainland. So palpable was this danger to those on shore, that a few of the inhabitants of the village, who had not retired to rest, witnessing the SIR. By the kindness of the proprietor of the Lieerpool Mail we were last week enabled to distribute amongst our town subscribers a diagram showing position of the vessel when she was grazed by the rock, and when she siink.

We have this week been favoured by him with the loan of a wood cut, which will make the matter mteiugioie to our country readers. The Master, Mr. Humphreys had previously obtained one of their lord- ships'certificates of niei it. It is gratifying that the smashers" in some instances, have been detected in their roguish practices.

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It will he satisfactory to the promoters of these institution to learn that one of the boys upon the aceommendation of Her Majesty's inspector of schools was admitted at once to the standing and emoluments of an apprentice of the third year. Archdeaeon Jones, and dreadfully scored a fine inare, of the draught kind, inflicting a deep gash on the the haunch, nearly five inches in length.

It is under- stood that a reward of t. We understand that she is to proceed to Liverpool forthwith, to have her main shaft replaced, previous to resuming her station between this and Kingstown. She had been laid up for some time in consequence of a defect in her machinery. Members and the honorary members of this very excellent institu- tion formed aprocession in the afternoon, and proceeded to Church, where a very appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev.

John Morgan, Curate of Ccidio. In return- ing from church, the society wended their way through the principal streets of the town, headed by a band of music, each member carrying a white wand, with a boquet of flowers, which looked remarkably well. In the afternoon tea was served in the large clubroom, the ladies kindly assisting the officers of the society in paying every attention to the members a copy of the statement of the account was delivered to each member, and we find the funds in the Bank to be nearly EIOO Great praise is due to Air. James Williams, and the Misses illiams, of Llanfairynghornwy, for the attention and interest thy take in the prosperity and management of the society.

Before Simon Yorke, Esq.

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Thomas Samuel, one of G nett's Company of equestrians, who, it appeared, arrived at Llangollen on Monday week. The prisoner on this night slept at the Eagles Inn, in that town, in a double bedded room, as did also the prosecutor, who in the night had occasion to visit one of the horses, who was taken ill, leaving his trowsers, containing the watch, under his pillow.

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In the morning the watch was missed and the prisoner had left. Upon Lamb, the inspector, receiving information of the robbery with a description of the prisoner, a search was made, and the watch was discovered, pledged at Mr. Rocke, pawnbroker, Wrex- ham, and the prisoner was apprehended at a lodging house. He was identified by Mr. Rocke, as the person who had pledged the watch, and he was fully committed to the assizes for trial. A cheap train, consisting of 22 carrieges, containing probably or persons, started from rttoxcter for Liverpool.

At each station fresh contributions of passengers were supplied, and it proceeded its journey "likc a snowball gathering. At usual, these men applied the breaks as the train descended the tunnel, but the North Staffordshire guard, being ignorant of the angle of declivity, is sup- posed to have neglccted the ssme precaution. The con- sequence was that the train, which was an uncommonly heavy one, emerged from the tunnel at a frightful velocit- tv, and struck against the strong stoue wall separating the terminus from Lime-street, with such force, that the buffers actually fractured one or two of the huge blocks of freestone of which the wall is constructed.

The passen- gers, of course, were precipitated from their seats, and about 50 of them received contusions more or less severe, the principal casualties consisting of blackened eyes, cut lips, and broken noses. Fortunately no lives were lost nor bones broken. Evans, builder, Bangor, who has commenced operations. The historical events connected with the ancient Castle ofRhuddlan, the gracious patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Albert, and the munificent subscription of the young Prince of Wales, together with a reasonable anticipation that the Prince may honor the meeting with his presence makes it impera- tive that the whole of the arrangements of this Eisteddvod should be carried out upon a grander and more compre- hensive scale than that of any Bardie congress hitherto held in Wal" nnd the Committee earnestly appeal to all connected, by birth or otherwise, with the Principality— and to all friends of literature generalli-to render their liberai assistance upon so interesting and important an occasion.

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In the list of additional Patrons and subscribers are the princely names of Sir Richard Uulkeley Bart. We beg to remind the Bards and Essayists that their composition are to be sent in on or before the sixteenth day of July instant; but the time of sending in the works of art and manufactures is deferred to the tenth of September; and the harpers, 8in"ers, and datgeilliaid by the first of August. The enter- tainments, presents, and journies of the Royal Family cost about E50, more. The charities of the King E42, a-year, and of thequeen E 18,, without reckon- ing those of the Princes.

In patronage of the arts, sub- scriptions to literary works, purchase of works of arts, and architectural embellishments of the domain, of the Crown, the King annually expended upwards of three millions and a half of francs, or about J, a-year, during his whole reign:—the whole of the property hn:olr:tehad constructed, which bad c: not muc? OWAY', P? LLS 1IU! Thomas, h. In July , for in- stanoe-onlya two months' accumulation-the post-haste of 4, letters, all containing property, was arrested by the bad superscriptions of the writers.

They were con- signed—after a searching inquest upon each by that efficient coroner, the blind clerk"—to the post-office Norgue. But most of these ill- directed letters contained coin in small sums, amountino to E 9s. On the 17th of July, , there were lying in the dead-letter office, bills of exchange for the immense sum of C40, 5s. The excellent character of this work has already gained for it the enormous eirculation of 75, Vols, 1, and II. If, therefore, in cold bathing, a warm glow is succeeded by chilliness, it proves the bather has re- mained too long in the water. The temperature of cold water in England, even in the hottest weather, is below thnt of the body i consequently a portion of caloric is con- stantlyescoping frum the latter, and would cause prolong- ed immersion to terminate in death.

The best and most healthy cold baths are those which do not exceed five minutes, and when the skin, upon leaving the water feels warm, and has a tendency to redness developed upon the application of a dry towel. Persons of a deli- cate constitution, whose vital powers are too weak to admit of the necessary re-action, should not bathe before breakfast, nor when the body is fatigued, neither should any one hathe immediately after meals the best time for valetudinarians is in the forenoon or evening, two or three hours after a moderate meal, when the system is invigorated by food, but not oppressed by the labour of digestion.

Fortunately no lives were lost, but a vast destruction of property was the consequence, Before the occurrence of the explosion alluded to a smaller one occurred in a carrier's cart some two or three trucks distant from the engine, by which the after portion 01 the train was separated from the rest of it. The after portion had retrograded down a declivity about yards, when the great explosion took place, by which every house and building within two miles of the spot were shaken as if by an earthquake.

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A thild explosion of a lesser character followed. How the disaster was occasioned is not yet discovered. Schools have been established in that country, on the plan of those in France and Belgium, for instructing young ladies in the art of lace making. The design is at once elaborate and elegant. In the corners are worked the royal arms of Spain, and the bordering on the four sides of the handkerchief consists of a design formed of leaves, tendrils, and flowers, tastefully intertwined.

This elaborate embroidery is executed with inconceivable delicacy every line in the royal tscMcheon being distinctly made out. Another pocket-handkerchief has the corners ornamented with a group of Chinese figures, male and female. The prin- cipal figure represents a Chinese lady of rank,over whose head a slave holds an open parasol; at a little distance a female slave is playing on a sort of mandolin beneath the group of figures an arabesque design fills up the corner, and a border, in the same style, is carried round the pocket-handkerchief.

Another beautiful specimen of embroidery, also from Dresden, cons:sts of a dress of pink crape embroidered with white, which has been purchased by the King of Saxony for presentation to the Queen. The skirt has three jupes, the uppermost being open. At the edge of each jupe there is a broad hem, surmounted by two rows of embroidery, consisting of a wreath of vine leaves, with bunches of grr.

The open fronts of the upper jupe, as well as the berthe and sleeves, are ornamented with a broad and narrow row of embroidery of the same pattern as that on the jupes. The harvest reports are ganerally most satisfactory; and, as regards the potato crop, they encourage the belief that the blight, supposing that it has really appeared in Kerry and other counties, is making no progress calcula- ted to excite serious apprehensions. Five convicts escaped out of Cashel bridewall on Sun- day night last.

Three were under sentence of transpor- tation for ten years and the other two for two years' im- prisonment. There was a riot at Dungarven w orkhouse on Sunday While the male paupers were at breakfast they complained of the manner in which the sonp was served out to them by the new wardmaster. He had to fly and bolt the kitchen door to secure himself from their furh About a dozen of them sealed the walls, and returned about dinner hour-armed with sticks, and commenced by upsetting the soupvessels and beating the officers.

The gate-keeper AN-as severely injured.

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Nothing but one scene of disorder prevailed; yelling and shouting, until the arrival of a large body of constabulary, who promptly secured thir- tleen of the ringleaders, had them handcuffed and marched o the bridewell. A buern. Wa nut, tor any nth.


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