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The accusations against Neymar have unleashed a daily torrent of lurid headlines in Brazil and elsewhere, and they led to a second investigation into Neymar, a Paris St. A Rio de Janeiro police station was mobbed when Neymar arrived to answer questions about his Instagram post to million followers that included images of Trindade, albeit with her face blurred.

Neymar has denied the rape allegation, and instead has accused the model, who revealed her identity in a television interview on Wednesday, of trying to blackmail him. In her complaint, Trindade said she met Neymar on Instagram and exchanged messages with him before an aide to the player arranged for her to fly to Paris, where Neymar has lived since he joined P. Chief Richard Liu Will Not Be Charged With Sexual Assault

The injury took the heat off federation officials, who were facing mounting pressure to remove Neymar from the team amid the rape investigation. The fascination in the case has not ebbed, in part because of the drip feed of revelations by both sides, in what has turned into a sordid public relations battle. A video circulated during the week from the suite in Paris which shows Neymar kicking out at Trindade after she appears to strike him. Three times since , the federal government had sued the company for failing to prevent sexual violence in the workplace.

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Each time, it agreed to make improvements. Then, in a separate settlement in , ABM promised to change how it responded to on-the-job rape allegations. But three current cases out of Fresno, California, highlight a persistent phenomenon: Female janitors say that their supervisors exploit their power — and the isolation of the night shift — to violently harass them, while their employer looks the other way.

According to recent reports to the local police department and the U.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, three female ABM janitors say that over the course of more than a decade, they were sexually harassed while cleaning Citibank branches, the offices of Telemundo and medical clinics. The current Fresno cases are an illustration of how, in the midst of the MeToo movement and new efforts to include low-wage workers in the national conversation about sexual harassment, sexually abused janitors say they continue to face real barriers — such as the threat of deportation or losing the financial lifeline of their jobs — when they try to report the problem.

ABM is a publicly traded company based in New York City that employs about 70, janitors across the country. The company declined to be interviewed about the allegations made by the three women because of ongoing legal claims. But in a statement, ABM said it takes all allegations of sexual harassment seriously, and responded quickly to the complaints by the Fresno janitors. The accused men no longer work for ABM, the company said. Some of the harassment the women report happened while the company was under a court-ordered agreement with the federal government to improve how it handles sexual harassment.

That arrangement came as a result of a lawsuit in the Central Valley of California, which included allegations from Fresno. The three Fresno janitors complained to the company about the behavior in spring , and ABM placed them on paid leave while it looked into the matter.

But the company has refused to share the outcome of its investigation with them. The company did not tell the women whether it believed the harassment occurred or whether the men had been punished.

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While she was on the clock, her direct supervisor regularly watched pornography from his truck, masturbated in front of her while he propositioned her and made obscene comments about her body, according to documents she submitted to the EEOC. Mercedes is a pseudonym because Reveal does not use the names of people reporting sexual violence without their permission. For years, Mercedes said she felt pressured to stay quiet about the harassment because her boss threatened to fire her or get her deported.


Nation’s Largest Janitorial Company Faces New Allegations of Rape

She also told the government that she had not reported the harassment to the company sooner because ABM had never clearly explained how she could make a complaint. This echoes what other janitors have said in previous cases. Mercedes finally went to the police in after she says her supervisor tried to rape her in his car under the pretense of taking her to a new work site. But even then, she told the police she was too fearful of deportation and losing her job to move forward with the case. Last spring, Mercedes went back to the police.

Cristiano Ronaldo rape claim: Growing heat from corporate sponsors

She says that several months before, the supervisor had cornered her in a cramped supply closet. Mercedes says she was able to push him away, but he continued to harass her. The same supervisor was accused of assaulting another female ABM janitor based in Fresno. The accusations extended beyond a single supervisor.

Bank workers cry ‘corporate rape’, sick out over back pay - Yaadroc News

A third janitor said that another male foreman tried to kiss her and take off her pants. He also made lewd comments and showed her pictures on his cellphone of what he described as his erect penis, she said. After the women reported the attacks to the company last spring, ABM hired an outside investigator to look into their rape and attempted rape claims, which the company is required to do as part of the settlement of a San Francisco sexual harassment case also handled by attorney Reisch.

While recent cases involving high-profile women have led to firings and resignations, the claims of many low-wage workers have not resulted in real accountability.