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Soldier, Imperial bodyguard, Fleet Captain, Prisoner of War - Sten has been many things in his long career, but there's one thing he's never been - a diplomat. But when the Emperor sends Sten to the Altaic Cluster to support its dictator in quelling a civil war, a diplomat is exactly what Sten must be.

As the war intensifies, he begins to suspect he's up against something more than a local disturbance. Someone - operating in deep cover and seemingly backed by the highest authorities - is working behind the scenes to escalate disaster. And that someone wants nothing more than to see Sten dead. About the Author Chris Bunch was a Vietnam veteran and served as a patrol commander and combat correspondent for Stars and Stripes. His writing partner Allan Cole is a scriptwriter and science fiction author, who often draws on his father's experience as a CIA operative in his fiction.

There are more important things than the Galaxy's ultimate energy source.

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We're talking food, folks. A cookbook filled with mouthwatering set-your-head-on-fire recipes the Emperor has been hoarding for thousands of years. He's even got the recipe for that fiery Bhor booze - Stregg. And, never fear, the Emperor's hangover cure is here in the form of Angelo Stew. Sten's Sidekick Unleashed! Truly awful humor from the famed science fiction series created by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch.

Plus: The Lost Jokes and two missing jokes. Sten 13 books in series. Sten Publisher's Summary. The first book in an action-packed new science-fiction adventure series. Book 1. Add to Cart failed. Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed. Free with day trial.

Empire's End (Sten 8), by Allan Cole and Chris R. Bunch (ePub/Kindle)

Book 2. Book 3. Book 4. Book 5. Book 6. Book 7. Book 8. She motioned them, and the Gurkkhas, to move on ahead.

For a moment, she and Sten were alone at the bend of a corridor. I stay volunteered. Plus I never took any oath to any Emperor. Besides, I know how to pick a winner. Sten looked closely at her. She did not appear to be either making a joke or trying to build his morale. Matter of fact, the kind of soldiering I dreamed about was helping get rid of all those bastards like the Prophets.

Or like Iskra. Or the Emperor. Or at least a good shot at going down in noble flames. Now come on. This, I plan to do.

But things have gone nuts. Like the Altaics, for instance. All right, those poor beings were blood-crazed. And have been so for generations. Sten caught himself.

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Because there was one being who was running his own program. The Emperor.

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We followed his orders—and look what it produced. And I was not going to let it be covered up with a planetbuster. I have no other choices left. You do. Get yourselves out of the line of fire. Thanks for helping. Thanks for your service. And good luck to all of you, no matter what you choose. Sten turned away. He pretended to be busy talking to Cind, but his ears were full of the low rumble of voices, and then the clatter of bootheels on the decking. Then the voices and movement stopped.

Sten made himself turn around. He blinked in astonishment.

Before he could ask, Cind told him. But I think you got a whole bunch of prospective rebels.


Death Match : Sten Series: Book 7 & 8

Sten to the bridge! Sten looked up at the main screen. Either Sarsfield had ordered a suicide run, since there was zero possibility the carrier could play hitsies with a battlewagon, or else things were getting weird out there. Freston brought the cast up on a secondary screen. The officer onscreen had a bandaged arm, and her uniform was torn. Please respond, this freq, tightbeam. This is Commander Jeffries. The officers and sailors of this ship have rejected Imperial authority, and are now under my orders.

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We wish to join you. Please respond. Accept Sten command. Both ships homeworld Honjo Systems. It did—barely. The Honjo were known as supertraders throughout the Empire. And they were cordially hated. The connection was made quickly. And the conversation was short.

The captain was dead; five officers and twenty men were in the sick bays. About thirty percent of the crew, now held under arms, had remained loyal to the Empire. Second, get all loyalists ready for transshipment. Third, keep your weapons stations unmanned. Will comply. Standing by for your personnel to board.