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An icy, early November darkness. Inside, a couple in their sixties and their toy dog. The wife is wearing a lot of makeup and is nibbling at the selection of stir-fried vegetables she took from the buffet. The husband is stuffing his face with all the fried specialties he could find. All four members are glued to their respective smartphones.

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The screens are reflected on their faces. They are already virtual. The loudspeakers are crackling with pseudo-Japanese versions of Edith Piaf hits.

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Louis, I mean. I find them very inspiring. If the end of the world suddenly came while we were sitting here, no one would see anything wrong with it. He explains that in fact these non-restaurants are very restful. No obsequious waiters or owners forcing you to try the local plonk. says a third party exposed user data but didn’t tell anyone

No risk, either, of running into a client who might recognize you and embarrass you with insistent staring or an ill-timed joke. Complete anonymity. In a provincial town, that is a rare commodity.

Once factors such as maternal age, deprivation level for the area and birthweight were taken into account, the team said that babies aged up to one year had a greater chance of dying living in areas with the worst air pollution compared with areas with the cleanest air. The study was unable to prove whether high levels of air pollution were to blame for the increased risk of death in those areas.

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It also did not take into account levels of indoor air pollution. Prof Mireille Toledano, an expert in population child health at Imperial College London, said the study confirmed that air pollution is a major public health hazard, adding that current standards are failing to protect people.

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She said the latest study had a number of limitations. The study also did not take into account fluctuations in air pollution with the weather or over seasons, and did not take into account where the mother spent her pregnancy or factors such as maternal smoking.

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Toledano said it was also unclear how factors like birthweight were accounted for. Dr Penny Woods, the chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, said action must be taken to tackle the public health crisis of air pollution — including introducing clean air zones in the most polluted cities.

Wood said the study mirrored previous findings, adding that children cannot protect their own lungs. Topics UK news.