Hansel and Gretel 2 : The Reckoning

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Ticket sales show that the fans also have mobilized inside the theatres.

Hansel and Gretel 2: The Reckoning

This is one of those cases where the trailer really did the film justice. It captured the look, feel, action and mood of the film.

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Essentially its 2 witch hunters , uh,, hunting down witches! If you like the trailer, then you will have fun at the movies! It sets itself up for a sequel at the end, and I think I would see it. ThorNews has to ask the philosophical question: What is the definition of a good movie? Sources: IMDb.

Gretel & Hansel (2) - THIS GAME IS BRUTAL!

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Once the wicked witch joins the story, it unashamedly turns into a pantomime and was clearly enjoyed by the many children in the audience. This scene follows a ballet sequence which beautifully portrays the dreams the sleeping children are having of other fairy tales, as wolves, witches, Red Riding Hood, handsome princes, assorted animals, Sleeping Beauty and the rest of them take turns to enter the dance.

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The charm of this sequence would not have worked so well if there had been too much humour preceding it. Of the minor roles, particular praise is deserved by Eddie Wade as the children's father Peter, who stepped in at the last moment when the original singer was indisposed. I enjoyed the atmospheric writing, the depth and range of the characters, and the beautiful setting.

The river is a major player in the story, and Setterfield describes it with great affection and respect.

This book isn't exactly fantasy but it isn't exactly straight realism, either. The mixture worked for me. I also liked the pacing, much like a river This will be a great book for lovers of historical fiction willing to try something different.

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This book is so much fun! Artist Lilian Quick's world begins to change when a long lost cousin visits her town on a speaking tour. Her cousin, now known only as Eleven, is the face of a very successful health, spiritual and lifestyle online community with high priced and lucrative courses in real life.

Lilian becomes engaged with the community and readers fall in love with her!

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A beach read for the winter time, this is a fun book. For an independent bookstore near you, visit IndieBound.

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