History of Dive Bombing: A Comprehensive History from 1911 Onward

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In terms of ordnance, those aircraft dropped 1,lb bombs and 3, lb bombs; they fired a total of 17, rockets and , 20mm rounds [lxii]. Korea was a long term commitment, and by passing the various support given to counter-insurgency operations in Malaya because it is that not warfighting; the next operation to be examined will be the larger by volume, smaller by time, Suez Crisis.

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During the crisis they carried out 82 sorties attacking airfields and other targets within the Canal Zone [lxxv]. So it was that the RAF Hawker Hunters were left conducting raid support and protecting the Valiant and Canberra Bombers that were crucial for initial strikes [lxxvii]. Sir John Cunningham pointed out that although there might be no potential enemy battle fleet, there were plenty of potentially hostile submarines, and a vase area in which there were many very important British interests.

There is nothing wrong with leaders seeking a peace dividend to reduce the burden placed on their people; but the seeking of it can quickly go from right, to problematic, to disastrous if not enough attention is paid to the longer term, in other words the future, when making those vitally important decisions. Defence is an area where much of what is built might not be needed tomorrow or the next day, or even the day after that: but, it will most likely be needed over the next five years, definitely over the next decade, and much of the equipment will provide decades of service to a nation.

Therefore the procurement provides decades of national security. The fact is it cannot be argued that these aircraft were not the peak of propeller aircraft to serve with FAA, apart from being the last such aircraft to do so; there is the fact they genuinely were good aircraft โ€” yes they had design kinks that require further development, but their record of service excuses that by a long way; especially the Sea Fury and the Wyvern. To the charge of obsolescence though; the answer has to be more complex.

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Jet aircraft did not suddenly appear and be great immediately; it took time to mature the technology. So yes, there is an argument, that they were obsolete in the face of Migs; but these aircraft performed their operational role. Further to this point, the loss rate illustrates that those aircraft were not massacred; suggesting obsolescence is too strong an adjective to truly depict the situation.

The final charge is unarguable, during the Cold War the pursuit of capability in an arms race meant that the contribution of these aircraft were ignored in favour of the perspective that they were out matched โ€” as this supported the argument for newer, better, often revolutionary and very expensive aircraft. Pococok and MaritimeQuest. Although the Hawker Fury was first specified with F. The officer credited with the kill, then Lt P. Haines , and there is no real necessity to look beyond that without causing unnecessary division and upheaval.

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    Michael W. Paul, James, and Martin Spirit. Unlimited Air. White, Rowland. Wragg, David. A Century of British Naval Aviation: Swordfish, The Story of the Taranto Raid. Difficult to see any justification for the Sea Fury, Firebrand or Wyvern.

    Both the torpedo bombers were awful aircraft according to most accounts and these post war British propellor planes seem hopelessly limited in payload compared with the USN Corsair 4U of or the Skyraider A-1 which could carry lb bomb loads over Korea or Vietnam. Indeed the piston engined A-1 would probably have been far more effective, safe and useful than the Scimitar in the late s and early s. At the end of the WW2 the US supplied planes were simply dumped by the RN because of the end of lend lease funding and the cuts of the peace dividend during the Atlee Government in Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    Notify me of new posts by email. Norman Franks. Total Germany.

    History of Dive Bombing: A Comprehensive History from 1911 Onward

    David Wragg. Fight for the Sky. Douglas Bader. Michael Green.

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    ISBN 13: 9781844155927

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    The History of Dive Bombing: A Comprehensive History from 1911 Onward

    James Taylor. Dambusters The Forging of a Legend. Andy Lee. Battle of Britain Jonathan Sutherland.

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