How To Process One Idea Into Life-Changing Results

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Most of us think that our experience of the world IS the world itself. In reality, our experience of the world is how we process the world with our mind thoughts and feelings and our … Read More. Your relationship with your future self is the most important relationship in your life. The stronger this relationship is, the better future you will have. This week, we revisit the concept of the future self … Read More. They think that the process will be grueling, filled with blood sweat, and tears.

Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results by James Clear

However, this week, get ready for some tough love. Many of you have an extremely low failure tolerance, you give up way too … Read More. Natalie, like many women, started out early on the hamster wheel of dieting and spent most of … Read More.

What is Innovation?

There are models that are yours — caused by your thoughts, feelings, actions and results. And, of course, we want you to become aware of your models, work on them, and take responsibility for them. Last week, we talked about underearning — earning less than your potential when you desire to earn more. Do you define yourself as an underearner?

15 Yoga Poses That'll Change Your Body In Less Than a Month

Not sure? In this episode, I help you answer this question and show you what to do about it.

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Today, I want to introduce you to a more advanced concept related to The Model. This week, I have another exciting podcast for you all! We spend A LOT of time managing how other people see us. Almost everything we do — the way we dress, look, drive our cars … Read More. With my weight loss clients, I watch them struggle with the … Read More.

In this wide-ranging conversation, … Read More. If you listened to my previous episode on Superthinking, you know that I am a fan of combining two different ideas from completely different areas of life or business. As I take my … Read More. Superthinking is a higher level of thinking where you put aside time to think about ideas and concepts and develop them in a way that produces results that you want in your life.

If you … Read More. Selling is an integral part of life. No joke. I do a ton of work with people pleasers in my coaching practice. Death and loss are inevitable parts of life. About how to grieve properly. For how long. What … Read More. There is an idea in the self-help world that if you restrict something like food or alcohol or something else in your life, you will end up overdoing it later. This idea is taught as … Read More. So many of us think small. When we think this way, we create futures based on our past and our lives look the same for the … Read More.

Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.

What is Creativity? (And why is it a crucial factor for business success?)

And what I mean by that is that in order … Read More. A few episodes back, I asked you to call in and share your favorite lessons that you learned from listening to this show. And so … Read More. It gives me the freedom to create the exact business, purpose, time, and money that I want. An important part of … Read More. Most of us live life on default. We live off the programming of our upbringing and our society.

The Life Coach School Podcast

It is only when you start doing thought work and … Read More. Quick disclaimer: This episode contains some explicit language. Please plan accordingly if you plan on listening to it around kids. Overall, I think a lot of the work I do around body image is much … Read More. One of the reasons why I like talking about this topic a lot is because of the profound emotional management skill it requires. Thinking big … Read More. What is normal? How do YOU define normal? Why are we so worried about being normal and doing things that are normal?

Oftentimes, people have … Read More. Growing up, nobody ever sits us down and teaches us how to experience emotions. How to describe them. How to understand what we feel in our bodies and associate these feelings with emotions. Distinguishing between … Read More.

Over the past five years, I have had more success than I ever thought possible. The way these neurons communicate with each other … Read More. One of the most important skillsets we can develop in our lifetime is the capacity to feel our emotions. And I believe that pain presents us with an opportunity to deepen our ability to feel. Same goes for managers and executives. I think this process is … Read More. Most of us are waiting for the Big Win. As soon as you set a big goal, like making a certain amount of money, reaching a certain weight, or getting a promotion, your brain will automatically flood you with reasons why that will not … Read More.

I love talking about our future. Our future only exists in our brain, so that means we can have any future that we want. And because of that, I know that my next year will … Read More. Most people would not describe themselves as negative even if they are. Many students come to me needing help with negative people in their lives but, in reality, they are the ones who are negative. The definition of assault is an act of a violent physical, emotional, or verbal attack, or in others words, inflicting harm. Most of us except maybe on rare occasion would never be found assaulting another … Read More.

On this episode of The Life Coach School, I want to revisit the concept of believing the thoughts that a future you, who already has what you want, would be thinking in order to reach … Read More. Many of you ask me about the thoughts that I believe and practice on a regular basis. So today, I share ten new thoughts to believe and give you some background on why I think … Read More. What makes something true or a lie? Most people do not like to feel discomfort. When talking to most kids, teenagers, and young adults you will notice that they are very future focused.

Their lives seem very exciting, they are going places, and they seem to have wonderful momentum. Once … Read More. And in this episode, I want to talk to you about the amazing Carol S. Dweck, the author … Read More. Not only can their actual message come out of their mouth … Read More.

But first, here’s how to get the most out of reading these sales books

Last week, we talked about how so many of us look at our problems organization and clutter specifically … Read More. Welcome back, my friends! As human beings, we love drama. We love movies and TV shows with high conflict and high suspense. Many of us even create drama when there is none. We make things way too important, too … Read More. I always ask my clients and students to set big goals for themselves. Most often, the people around them, as well as their own inner voices, have a lot to say about those goals, causing … Read More.