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It's also helpful to keep the other three strings roughly in tune. If the soundpost falls, you will have to take the instrument to a shop or luthier to have it corrected. Even if only the bridge falls or shifts and you don't know exactly the position it should be in, you are best off taking it to a professional to have them remedy the situation. It's also important to make sure the bridge remains straight during the whole process for this reason - tightening at the pegs can cause the bridge to lean and even fall, slapping down on the instrument.

Properly winding a string around a peg is the second highest form of art that can be made with a stringed instrument second to playing the dang thing.

Priceless 18th Century Violin Recovered, 35 Years After It Was Stolen

First timers are usually terrible at it, but a few pointers will get you started on the right track. First of all, the string must always wrap over the peg. This isn't some sort of debate like which way to hang toiletpaper on the roller - the string must tighten when the peg is turned "away" from the fingerboard! This is true because of the angle and curvature of the nut, and the way that it reduces friction by reducing incident force.

Secondly, the string should be inserted just to the end of the hole in the peg, wound once on the opposite side, then crossed over itself before being wound in close-together-loops and ending directly in line with its corresponding groove in the nut. Lastly take special note, cellists, as this has broken more cello strings than bartok pizz and Rostopovich combined , you should avoid letting the string rub or get pinched by the inside surface of the pegbox. The string is especially prone to break if the string comes into contact with the wall of the pegbox just as it is reaching pitch.

Avoid this by pulling the peg out slightly to keep the windings very close together.

Read and re-read the description of the strings you are buying. Does it say violin or viola okay, why aren't we all calling the viola "bratsch" by now - that would really reduce confusion? Is it medium gauge, or did you want to try a heavy or light gauge? Does your violin or viola require the highest string to be loop or ball, and what comes with the set?

Are these really the authentic brandname strings you will get, or could you be buying grey market or counterfeit strings from an online marketplace? Are they the correct size? This is especially tricky for violists, for whom "full size" can mean just about anything. Still violinists, cellists, and bassists can overlook that they're buying a fractional set when their eyes catch that fractional price Speaking of bassists, are you sure that's not a solo-tuning A or E string?

No matter what anyone says, never tune your string above the pitch it is meant to be tuned to. Your strings will "stretch" just fine by tuning them to pitch and playing on them for a day or two. All you're doing by over-tightening them is jeopardizing the instrument and your brand new strings at the very least reducing their elasticity, which you want for good tone and tuning stability.

Ideally, you should just tune the new strings up to pitch and continuously tune all of the other strings to pitch to keep the instrument's tensions in balance as you change strings one at a time. Mistake 5: Throwing away your old strings. Old strings make great backups that are already "stretched-out" for when you have to replace a broken string immediately before or mid-performance. Her point of view is fresh and fascinating.

One infected person hidden away somewhere can easily start the process all over again. The Girl with all the Gifts shifts that narrative. What drove this point home is how despicable people in the novel can be, compared to the hungries. Parasites and scavengers […]. They just stay alive. And their ruthlessly patriarchal structures reduce women to pack animals or breeding stock. Then there are people like Dr Caldwell, whose dedication to finding a cure makes her just as abominable as the hungries.

And Private Gallagher secretly wants to stay at the research facility because his family are violent drunks:. Private Kieran Gallagher knows all about monsters, because he comes from a family in which monsters predominate. His father, and his brother Steve, and his cousin Jackie looked like normal human beings and even sometimes acted like them, but most of the time they veered between two extremes: reckless violence when they were drinking, and comatose somnolence when the drink wore off.

And as a result, Gallagher has to ask: which is he more afraid of?

Dying out here, or going home? If anything, the fungus is a cure for the problem of humanity. Life only goes on, forcing its way back in, when the hungries break through the perimeter fence. And she saves Melanie because she thinks of her as a human being.

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She disregards what everyone else has told her about the kids, defies all the warnings, and acts based on what she sees: intelligence, kindness, enthusiasm, wonder, love. And she wants to spread that around. What matters is that her love and optimism are infectious, not her bite, and she longs to learn and connect. The novel frequently reflects on language, words, meaning and communication. These things are the basis of civilisation and of civilised existence. At which Melanie excels but humans have failed. The way she deals with this is important. Unlike hungries, she can control her urges, and unlike many humans she makes an effort to do so because she respects and cares about other people.

Especially Miss Justineau. Even Dr Caldwell. So she tries her hardest not to. And eventually she learns to manage her impulses.

Final Thoughts

Which sounds cool, but also emphasises her cold, clinical nature. After failing to dissect Melanie, Caldwell wants to keep her alive only as a research specimen that Caldwell feels she owns. That tendency to dehumanise. To see others in terms of function and exploit them as such. To use people as a means to a goal. To refuse communication. Which is what Caldwell has done, in her search for a cure:.

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What other choice would she have? Everything she values is at the end of that road. A goal she cannot re-evaluate when faced with the reality of the children. Her own blood. And those wounds are painful and incapacitating, as if to get blood on your hands is inevitably to hurt yourself. Pure evil is infuriating to read.

Caldwell gets criticised for playing god, and God — the biblical version — gets mentioned a lot. Zeus and a few others come up too. Suggesting that our gods, if they exist at all, were never what we wanted them to be.

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She is not static. But by voicing that idea of compassion and morality, she makes herself into the person she needs to be for the story to continue. I was delighted by this little moment from Sergeant Parks:. Parks lights the range with a spark struck from a tinderbox — an honest-to-God tinderbox; that has to be centuries old — produced from his pocket with something suspiciously like a flourish.

Here we see the characters taking a much-needed break giving us a breather too , and we get this hint of how much we might like Parks if we saw him in another life. For the movie they cast a black actor Sennia Nanua , which I would argue is essential, and not only because the aesthetic of such unnervingly pale skin would certainly have jarred with the likeability of her character.

Melanie is, essentially, the architect of a new world. Or even white. A case of the producers worrying about having too many black leads on screen?


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Oh the horror …. The anthology follows the award-winning success of its original and contains 26 stories by African writers. I recently got a buzzcut so I felt like I fit right in. My curls, I thought, would have looked so straight. I was intrigued, until the Inspector got mired in the tiniest of details, while every one of his encounters seemed meaninglessly mad.

Then, suddenly, the pace picked up and the book piqued my interest again. Her reappearance grounded me when I felt like I was losing my grip on the book. What really struck me though was the force of her passion for her work, and the way she gives us other ways of looking at the world:. We spend too much time looking at the fucking stars! That urge to look to the transcendent.

This idea that life is suddenly magical and incredible because of astronomy, the story of where the matter has travelled. Honestly, give me grandeur, give me my feet.