JOURNEY OF FAITH: Pearls of Wisdom For Women

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Journey of Faith: Pearls of Wisdom for Women

I was crying softly to myself by Chapter one. Add this to your spiritual studies, I beg of you. Each time I read it, I learn something new and enlighteningly wonderful. Lovely reminders for older women. Indeed, for all people.

Pearls of Wisdom – Terri Brest

A beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written guide that is bound to inspire young and old in the pursuit of a self-respectful life. During these days and times when often anything goes, Sheri Engler shines a loving light on the value of self awareness, positive self-regard and civility. The book was a joy to read. The illustrations were so very beautiful and I could just envision the story in every word. It was a quick read, and I was able to truly understand the meanings and found myself anxious to get to the end of the story. I would highly recommend this book to all ages.

Thank you,. The Pearls of Wisdom is more than a story in book form.

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As Shalimar grows in age, she grows in wisdom and understanding. Death, evil, love, kindness, compassion, wonder, joy, and innocence are all here in this microcosm and macrocosm called The Pearls of Wisdom. As you read, your heart and mind will find peace and comfort in knowing that all of your own questions are common to everyone, and that all of the answers are available to everyone. Read and enjoy. What you will walk away with is more than just answers and understanding.

The Pearls of Wisdom is a lyrical and vibrant fairytale about the enchanting and prophesied life of Princess Shalimar. Lively with gorgeous illustrations and a captivating writing style, this story is one that people of all ages, genders, and cultures can relate to and learn from. It is an account of subtle curiosity, profound courage, and fierce grace. The story reveals dimensions that are both mythical and historical. While Shalimar is still a girl she becomes aware of the magic that surrounds her by means of connecting with unseen forces in the ocean, the trees, and most importantly, the celestial power that she possesses within herself.

Her inquisitive, passionate personality shines through as she grows up in a beautiful castle and learns from the human and nonhuman support she receives. Through tragedy, she discovers the resilience necessary to surpass calamities and to, ultimately, embrace her true nature. She must arise ever stronger amidst her heartbreak in order to become a beacon of inspiration for others. I highly recommend this book. I believe that all who read it will savor this heartfelt and intriguing journey with Shalimar and all of her enigmatic friends.

By encountering the lessons and spiritual intricacies woven throughout the tale of her initiations, I feel inspired to pursue a path of similar truth. This story called The Pearls of Wisdom is a must read for everyone — young and old. The story is about magic, about people, about life, and about how we grow. She writes about things we have experienced or will experience. This story truly is a guide to what is possible if we are open to what the universe has to offer. The reader will be taken on a ride with twists and turns. It truly is about the journey, not the destination.

So we may all be blessed and remember who we are. The real lesson in life is to live with it, not to leave it. It is by living with situations that seem difficult that we can truly attain peace and non-attachment. It is in these circumstances that we learn that happiness can only come from God, not from one environment or another. If you are with God, everywhere is Heaven, and you would never want to leave anywhere. You would see every place as an opportunity to learn, to grow or to serve. However, that is not how we usually live our lives.

Yet, if He is with you, how can you be in Hell? Hell is due to lack of Him. If the spiritual corner in your heart is not there, you will be cornered everywhere. So, the goal of life is to develop that spiritual corner, to be with Him, not to leave where you are. Your mind should be always with Him, yet your hands should be doing His work. This is not the only way.

It is the duty of a few saints to live in samadhi in the Himalayas. Their vibrations and the global effect of their sadhana are extraordinary. We must engage ourselves in active, good service; that is truly the way to be with Him. I once heard a story about a man who spent forty years meditating so he could walk on water. When I heard this story, I thought, why not spend forty rupees instead, sit in a boat to cross the water, and spend the forty years giving something to the world? That is the real purpose of life. However, there must be both devotion and service.

We cannot develop one at the expense of the other. Similarly, we cannot say we are truly devoted on the inside unless we are doing perfect work on the outside. The pearls I have given you are only a few.

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However, like any precious jewels, they are priceless, regardless of the size. If you follow these and let them purify your life, they will bring you more prosperity than all the diamonds in the world. Sadhviji covers the most pertinent issues affecting all of us — how to discover inner peace, find love, let go of anger, know your purpose, and connect with God.

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February 2, H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji No comments. Download the Calendar Come Home to Yourself Sadhviji covers the most pertinent issues affecting all of us — how to discover inner peace, find love, let go of anger, know your purpose, and connect with God. Purchase here.

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