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Internships Graduate options Experienced hires Women returners Women executives. Search jobs. An older man pulled up a stool next to mine and started a conversation. I told him I was researching mystical sites this region, and trying to learn about the history. For the next hour he entertained me with stories of copper miners and mining companies who raped the landscape and exploited the workers.

He wove in characters who survived the exploitation and helped restore the Beara.

The Top 20 Places to See in Ireland

He was originally from Cornwall and his family were tin miners who came to Beara to work in the copper mines. When I told him I was writing about thin places, he said I must go visit Kealkil stone circle as it had the tallest standing stone in all of Ireland and that if I missed Kealkil, I wouldn't really have a good perspective on Ireland's stone circles. With great enthusiasm he drew me a map of how to get there and even said he knew the farmer and was certain he'd give me access. He assured me it was close by, and not much of a detour off the road on my way to Dingle.

The next morning, pressed for time, I decided to make Kealkil my first stop.

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I suspected there was some reason I met that man in the pub. I'll never forget him and I'll never forget Kealkil.

From my journal after visiting Kealkil And there are some occasions when we know we've found it In a church it may be icons, statues or the incense - certainly the music - these move and transport us into the Divine Presence, but we have to exercise our senses in order to be transported. Sometimes this is very difficult. Sometimes concentration doesn't come easy. But you barely have to try in a thin place like Kealkil.

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  • The presence reaches up and grabs you. It pushes you in - through the portal. Maybe the stones here were once used like icons, to help with that transportation. Meet the Doolough Spirit in Connemara. There are Many Thin Places in Dingle. Of all the places in Ireland, the Dingle peninsula is the most mystical to me. One could spend a month on Dingle and not see a tenth of the thin places.

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    Slí An Chroí Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

    I suspect the grounds everywhere are littered with nodes where earth energy seeps through. Every sunrise, every sunset, every rainstorm, the light, the hills, the stones, the Atlantic, the views The photo placed 4th in popular vote in the Ireland Photos by You! Patty McArdle the photographer is a nurse who lives in Frederick, Maryland. She had this commentary to offer with her photo submission: The picture was taken at Dingle Harbor on the Dingle Peninsula. While most thin places seem to be on land or, at least, that is what I've always thought this place seemed to call to me.

    Notice that these boats are not pleasure boats, but rather working boats.

    Top 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL Places in IRELAND - Essential Irish Travel Guide 🇮🇪

    I felt not only the beauty of the boats but felt the presence of those hard-working Irishmen, past and present, who spent their lives on the water providing for their families and community. I believe that those who lived off of that water who have gone before us remain close in that harbor. My husband and I were on 2 week adventure in Ireland, taking in the sights all up and down the west coast and more.

    This was a trip that we had planned for months and months and enjoyed every second of it! We can't wait to go back! The Dingle Peninsula is in the southwest of Ireland and far removed from large centers of population. Dingle town is toward the western end on the south side of the peninsula. A snug harbor here entering from Dingle Bay is where many of the fishing and tour boats come it.

    This was also where pilgrims left in Medieval times to travel to Santiago de Compostela - the pilgrim trail of St. James in Spain. Dingle has always been a holy place. Older Posts Home.