Rapscallions - The Misadventures Of A 61-Year-Old Folk Singer Trying His Hand At Hip-Hop

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With her passion for science and going to the mall, Itan Bautista is a typical San Francisco year-old. But she is also responsible for caring for her little brother, Neto, while her mother, Yoana, works one of her four jobs—until the day the children return home to discover their mother missing after an ICE raid.

Comparative Perspectives on South Africa

As ICE shuffles Yoana between detention centers, Itan is left with the burden of finding her mother, managing Evencio and Neto, and keeping up with her studies. Local writer-director Richard Levien puts the weight of his film in the hands of young Izabella Alvarez as Itan to mesmerizing effect. M In Italian with English subtitles In a dusty, isolated village in Sardinia, two vastly different women and one year-old girl share a secret that threatens to unmoor the family relationships anchoring their lives.

Tina Valeria Golino is the serious, devoted mother of young blonde Botticellian Vittoria; but when her daughter starts spending more time in the company of reckless Angelica—whom the town dismisses as a boozy tramp—Tina is both wary of and resigned to the unspoken bond that draws her daughter towards this magnetic lost soul.

Stunning photography highlights a view of the Solomon Islands and its inhabitants who are forced to confront the dangerous compromises they make in the name of progress that threaten their idyllic landscape and culture. A wealth of wonderful archival footage accompanies the reminiscences of all three Apollo 8 astronauts as they contemplate their groundbreaking voyage, the philosophical impact the trip had on them, and one very special iconic photograph.

Anger at America is a pulsing vein throughout the drama, but the pointed question the film asks is: What should one do? The earnest, uncynical answer is yes. Gox, is a lesson in how easily the digital universe can be manipulated and how quickly its promises can come crashing down. Often hailed as the future of money, bitcoin became a worldwide sensation, and Mt. Gox clients, and financial and tech experts, in a riveting attempt to get to the bottom of the scandal. But when her daughter goes missing, Laura faces a terrible dilemma: Did she run off… or has she been kidnapped?

Everybody Knows is a gripping thriller with more than one mystery at its core, investigating not just the disappearance of the daughter but also the unspoken tensions coursing through Laura. Oscar-winning real-life husband and wife Bardem and Cruz give performances full of anguish and regret. Hardened and loyal Sarah Churchill Weisz , the Duchess of Marlborough, rests easy knowing her favor with the Queen, but the arrival of her distant cousin Abigail Stone —an affable, spirited servant whose ladyship was gambled away by her father— in the castle creates a dangerous triad of lust, jealousy, and power plays.

With nods to Peter Greenaway, Lanthimos infuses The Favourite, which also won the Grand Prix at Venice, with his signature brand of hilariously deadpan humor, with the three leads perfectly matched to his bawdy wit in yet another truly unforgettable dissection of the darker side of human nature. Under great duress, Alsharif confesses to a truth that has been hiding in plain sight for his entire life: He is gay. Unable to stay in Iraq due to the danger his position brings upon himself and his family, he seeks political asylum in the US and lands in San Francisco.

Despite newfound liberation and an exciting career as a chef, he acutely feels the loss of his family and his homeland. Utilizing nearly a decade of footage that is vulnerable, candid, intimate, and at times humorous, From Bagdad to The Bay touches upon themes easily recognizable to those who have had to flee their homes to save themselves: alienation, post-traumatic stress, despair, hope, and rebirth. AM Free climbing, the mountain climbing subculture which involves scaling sheer vertical walls without the use of ropes or harnesses, has one monolithic goal nobody has ever achieved: ascending the foot face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

Sacramento native Alex Honnold wants to be the first, and so begins this hairraising documentary as Alex trains methodically, analyzing every foot in a climb where death is always a fraction of an inch away. But what happens when, beset by injuries and relationship pressures, someone with such phenomenal focus starts to psych himself out? And how does a perfectionist find a semblance of normalcy in his life while still in the thrall of such a dangerous obsession? Join us for a lively medley of animation and live action, curated for audiences of all ages— and for both Spanish and English speakers alike—to enjoy.

From music-loving mosquitoes to a boy who loves to draw, it is a lively celebration of curiosity and creativity. Simmons , and the scrambling clutch of journalists who dredged up and disclosed the details. Over the course of his career, he directed 39 films and starred in over , becoming an innovator and visionary not just in comedy but in the cinematic arts as well. Bogdanovich puts his extensive knowledge of film to use here, utilizing tons of archival footage and conducting a wide-ranging collection of interviews with family, friends, and artists who have been deeply influenced by Keaton.

Marinov, P.

The Beauty Of Inside Llewyn Davis

Byrne Print Source Universal Pictures. M In Indonesian with English subtitles How to radicalize a teenage girl and fire her ambition to become a human-rights lawyer? Expected to continue until at least , this ongoing eruption was probably caused by faulty drilling for natural gas by the Lapindo Company. In response, teenage Dian studies diligently, determined to win compensation for her buried village and her father, a Lapindo employee who died a year after the explosion from cancer linked to toxins in the mud. A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members, including its elders.

Investigative filmmaker Billie Mintz joins family members, activists, and journalists in Las Vegas to expose a nefarious system designed to defraud and abuse senior citizens—and get away with it. A scheme targets wealthy retirees, coercing them into leaving their homes and surrendering to the custody of rigged, for-profit, court-appointed guardians.

The victims lose control of their finances, living situations, medical records, and healthcare. Their very lives are stolen. Exhausted families who want to care for and protect their kin are desperately trying to stop this waking nightmare. Despite continual stonewalling by corrupt judges, doctors, and guardians, the families win some small justice. Yet this Vegas-style racketeering is just the tip of the iceberg, a cautionary tale.


Be informed, be enraged, and keep your elders close. Director George Tillman, Jr. Director Bernardo Ruiz explores all the stages of wine production as seen and sensed by the individuals who contribute to the journey of these grapes from vine to vintage. Their stories converge during the all-important harvest season, dramatically affected by the wildfires in Napa and Sonoma counties. Sat Sun. It also serves as an important testament to a time—a time of protest and coalition building, and the weaving of a multicultural consciousness always rooted in contemporary activism.

M Finding herself instantly drawn to the healing power of yoga, teenage Maris finds ways to combat the once-crippling mental health issues that defined her adolescence as she begins her studies to become a yoga instructor at only 16 years old. Still struggling to cope after being released, Maris begins exploring various methods of therapy, beginning with art and poetry before discovering the life-changing effects that yoga has on both her body and mind.

Through her teaching and her blog, Maris strives to inspire others by speaking openly about her struggles and promoting self-acceptance. Banding together to help destigmatize menstruation, a number of determined women and girls install a sanitary pad machine in their rural village in India. Manufacturing and selling the pads, they work to help educate and to improve feminine hygiene in a country where the subject is still incredibly taboo. In German with English subtitles Gentle comedy and touching melancholia suffuse this nuanced exploration of affection and camaraderie in the workplace.

When the heavily tattooed Christian Franz Rogowski, Transit, MVFF gets a job at the local warehouse supermarket, little does he know about the lessons in love, friendship, and forklift operation that will ensue. Pulsing with musical goodness, this engaging, offbeat film asks the age-old question: When do you hang up the guitar and become an adult? Rich is a New York graduate student tormented by an unfinished dissertation.

Life takes a turn for the weird when he meets Greg played by director Greg Naughton , a free-spirited musician who urges Rich to follow his dreams. When brusque Brian wanders into the frame, a power trio is born. These three musicians, who are members of the real-life group The Sweet Remains, sputter through an unexpected and hilarious road trip in search of fame and fortune.

Filled with gorgeous tunes, the journey leads them to where dreams go to die: Los Angeles. Will they make it? Can they get a record deal? Will the van start? Delving into the emotional realities of all struggling musicians, this funny, feel-good flick captures what it means to be an artist at a crossroad. Director Finn Taylor Cinematographer H. A Hungarian immigrant, the young Pulitzer was hired as reporter in St.

At the height of the Great Depression, photographer and filmmaker H. Lee Waters traveled the textile factory boroughs of central North Carolina to record the lives of workers and families, bringing his cameras to black and white neighborhoods in segregated towns, documenting the humble dignity, vivacious joy, and gentle amusements of a place and people now much changed by the persistence of time. Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait, a one-of-a-kind multimedia event with live musical accompaniment, was commissioned by Duke Performances and premiered at the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A wealth of creative devices are used in this vibrant short to celebrate the traditions of a beloved analog craft.

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Fri Sat Tue. M In English and Romanian with English subtitles Writer-director Ioana Uricaru gives voice to many that face the harsh and often unfair realities of the immigration process with this drama drawn from real-life events. Feeling helpless as she tries to fight the system while still operating within it, Mara must navigate American culture while managing to save her dignity in the process. When her estranged sister Deb a shape-shifting Lily James comes to her with a desperate plea, Ollie talks herself into one last big score.

First-time writer-director Nia DaCosta shapes a taut anti-western about sisterly bonds within a gray landscape of men and industry.

Comparative Perspectives on South Africa | SpringerLink

Though the villains are intractable—opiate addiction, the broken US healthcare system, exploitation of the land and people—the performances of Thompson and James blaze through the bleakness. In , two Florida teams squared off in a contest with historic ramifications.

One of the first integrated Little League games, the Pensacola Jaycees vs. Six decades later, players from both dugouts talk about the impact of that game and their complicated journeys, as filmmaker Jon Strong puts human faces on the festering problem of American racism. For centuries, rumors of a lost ancient city in the jungles of Honduras have circulated, suffused in folklore and piquing the interest of anthropologists and adventurers alike.



For decades, Steve Elkins has been one such explorer, whose efforts to unearth such a momentous find have been hampered time and again by politics, hurricanes, drug cartels, and finances. Will this mystery remain as impenetrable as that dense expanse of jungle terrain? But the closer the team gets, the greater the stakes… and the bigger the snakes. Is this all in the name of academic inquiry, or are there heavier ethical implications at play?

For every twist and turn, this tale is centuries in the making. Drawing on a lifetime of interviews, first-time director Tom Volf allows Callas to speak for herself, unencumbered by other perspectives or the gossip that painted her colorful life.

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This was my first lie. She speaks of her struggles with exhaustion and depression, of canceled performances. And oh, that voice Where words cease, music begins. Beyond the workshops, members of the dance company foster a potent mentorship with a hip hop dancer in Iraq, further testimony to the uplifting power of movement. Candid interviews in this well-paced documentary grant audiences an intimate view of the project through the eyes of teachers and students. In the current climate of world events, there is no more perfect prescription to soothe the soul than Moving Stories.

Join the fun as this boisterous film profiles a lively community street band that has room for everyone. Szumowska Body, MVFF uses this tragedy as the jumping-off point for exposing the shortcomings of the people who surround the suffering Jacek. Alongside a trenchant and often darkly funny cultural critique of a rapidly modernizing society that is only concerned with surface appearances, Mug offers a memorably iconoclastic protagonist who faces down the various indignities thrust upon him, refusing to let his altered appearance change who he is inside.

Are they acting on behalf of the Mayan gods, or just acting out? As the bed-hopping, charmingly opinionated Parisians at the heart of the film analyze the future of digital media often in flagrante , they express their grief—in spirited and spirit-drenched discussion—over the death of the printed word.

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