Sins of Omission

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Those who live in gratitude are setting up a huge realm of opportunity, blessing and possibility for their future. However, the opposite is also true. Thankless people always live in lack and will never have enough. A thankless person is a hurtful person. You see, there are two types of sin: sins of commission and sins of omission.

Sins of commission are things that you do. If you stab someone, rob a bank or flip someone off, you have committed a sin of commission. Start practicing gratitude today and watch your life turn around!


Prayer God, give me eyes to see every good thing in my life, no matter how small. Teach me to give thanks in all circumstances. This story is full of action, heat and love. I really enjoyed this story. Jan 26, Claudia rated it it was amazing Shelves: bdsm , sassy-mc. Finally we get Ari and Eli story! After spending a long time waiting on Ari to greet a little older, Eli is finally back to claim what belongs to him since they have met Now the question is Aug 31, jazmin rated it it was ok.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and I wanted to like this book so much but it just didn't do it for me, unfortunately. Grrr, Goodreads, I need half stars!

This book is a solid 3. I admit, I've read this series out of order. This book was a fun, kinky, luscious read! Arizona was turning 20 in a few short days and what did he have to show for it? He was brainy, yes, already finish Grrr, Goodreads, I need half stars! He was brainy, yes, already finished college and working in a really cool IT job for a really cool protection agency but he was still the same socially awkward loser that had lost the only man he'd ever loved by being too young. But 20 was gonna be his coming out party to himself - he was gonna go on a cruise, get laid and finally get over Eli Wallace!

Eli had fallen hard and fast for college student Ari, only to discover that he was younger than Eli had thought.

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MUCH younger. Seventeen years old to be exact.

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It hadn't stopped Eli from loving him but it had stopped him from doing anything else because there were some lines that Eli wouldn't cross. Instead he'd dropped out, packed up and left Ari in order to stop himself from crossing that line.

Three years later, Eli is back. Ari is turning 20 and Eli is ready to claim his man. And then someone tries to kidnap Ari Ari tries to avoid Eli, going so far as to ditch one cruise for another one - a gay cruise - with a fake id and the whole nine yards. He fails. And during the cruise Eli and Ari take the first tentative steps towards a relationship. Eli makes Ari promise to be honest with him from now on but Misunderstandings and broken hearts ensue, only to be mended during a rather kinky interlude in a BDSM club. But even as things are starting to look rosy, Ari's had 2 kidnapping attempts and there is still a threat out there Apr 16, Emma Burbidge rated it it was amazing.

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A Tangled Web? I will say that I haven't read the first book, Sub Mission yet, but I fully intend to go and borrow it in KU to read as I do like my BDSM tales, most especially the MM ones as the guys generally tend to play a bit harder than some of the MF romances do most of the time.

I enjoyed this book quite throughly, and I'm rather partial to romances that feature an age gap between the Dom and Sub. This one was quite intriguing as Ari was underage at 17 when the couple first met since he's a A Tangled Web? This one was quite intriguing as Ari was underage at 17 when the couple first met since he's a genius who finished high school and college early, even earning his masters and post-graduate degree in record time. Eli could have landed in some serious trouble if he hadn't walked out of Ari's life when he did.

Fast forward three years and Eli, now working for his sister's security company where both Ari and Ari's father also happen to work, walks back into Ari's life just in time to save him from an attempted kidnapping. I love how Eli appoints himself as Ari's personal protection and knows Ari better than Ari realizes There are some very amusing scenes, lots of sexy scenes, but also a few places where the story gets a bit bogged down in their past relationship drama, not too badly though, but Ari does seem a bit whiny and hung up on all the ways he thinks Eli did him wrong for too long on the cruise ship.

On the whole, quite enjoyable and very well-written.

Sins of Omission

Mar 21, Tina rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed-by-redz-world. Sins of Omission by author T. McKinney is the second book in the Submission series. You do not have to read these in order to understand this story. This story is written in dual POV. I particularly am partial to dual POV it allows it me into the heads of both characters without having head hopping happing.

This story gives you a ton of information right away. Eli and Ari are pretty strong characters. Eli is the dominant one. And Ari is the bratty sub. They are a whole lot more than that though. Ari is a deeply caring loving character. He feels everything, and sometimes to his detriment. He is young but, in some ways, has a very old soul.

And a whole lot of other things but it was mainly Ari was just too young for him. I love the characters together.

Angel Of Death - Sins Of Omission -

They are very well balanced. Ari is impulsive, and prideful, while Eli can be the more stable, rotational one. The ending is a cliff hanger of sorts. The love story is tied up nicely there is an intentional pun there for those of you who have read this story But the ending does have a huge loose end to tie into a future book. So overall I loved this read and highly recommend it. Will be looking for more in the future. Five Shooting Stars Apr 13, Xanthe rated it really liked it. Having read some other reviews comparing this to book one, I'd like to say I haven't read Sub Mission so this is completely based on reading this book alone.

I enjoyed the story and dynamic between Ari and Eli. Both needing to forgive the other over their past but needing to move forward in order for Eli to protect Ari from possible kidnapping.