The Complete Works of Charles Spurgeon: Volume 9, Sermons 487-546

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Pages: 36 Size: The hour is late, and we are living in the Saturday night of the world's history. The eternal Sabbath is about to dawn, and I Pages: 80 Size: Few would argue that many challenges face The United Methodist Church. But what are the core issues and concerns, the ones that must be addressed if the church is to follow God's leading into the future? Laying aside what can be merely tweaked or adjusted Seventy-six papers fourteen by J.

Packer origly given at an annual conference that played a vital role in reinvigorating evangelicalism in Great Britain and beyond. This filename was submitted by an external advertiser. As an access provider we do not assume responsibility for the availability of this file in the Usenet.

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All Rights Reserved. DailyReader , Memorize! Spurgeon aroused controversy because of his critique of its theology, which was largely deistic. At the end of his review, Spurgeon warned: " We shall soon have to handle truth, not with kid gloves, but with gauntlets, - the gauntlets of holy courage and integrity. Go on, ye warriors of the cross, for the King is at the head of you. It was during this period at the new Tabernacle that Spurgeon found a friend in James Hudson Taylor, the founder of the inter-denominational China Inland Mission.

Spurgeon supported the work of the mission financially and directed many missionary candidates to apply for service with Taylor.

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He also aided in the work of cross-cultural evangelism by promoting "The Wordless Book", a teaching tool that he described in a message given on 11 January , regarding Psalm "Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. On the death of missionary David Livingstone in , a discolored and much-used copy of one of Spurgeon's printed sermons, "Accidents, Not Punishments,"[13] was found among his few possessions much later, along with the handwritten comment at the top of the first page: "Very good, D.

It was returned to Spurgeon and treasured by him.

In the ensuing "Downgrade Controversy," the Metropolitan Tabernacle became disaffiliated from the Baptist Union, effectuating Spurgeon's congregation as the world's largest self-standing church. Contextually the Downgrade Controversy was British Baptists' equivalent of hermeneutic tensions which were starting to divide Protestant fellowships in general. The Controversy took its name from Spurgeon's use of the term "Downgrade" to describe certain other Baptists' outlook toward the Bible i. The standoff even split his pupils trained at the College, each side accusing the other of raising issues which did not need to be raised.

Spurgeon also suffered ill health toward the end of his life, afflicted by a combination of rheumatism, gout and Bright's disease.

The Complete Works of Charles Spurgeon: Volume 9, Sermons 487-546

He gave up smoking his beloved cigars due to failing health and, for different reasons, had abstained from alcohol in accord with the burgeoning temperance movement in England. Spurgeon was survived by his wife and sons. His remains were buried at West Norwood Cemetery in London, where the tomb is still visited by admirers. His son Tom became the pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle after his father died. Works By the time of his death in Charles Spurgeon had preached nearly 3, sermons as well as 49 volumes of commentaries, sayings, anecdotes, illustrations and devotions.

Spurgeon's writings were so prolific and his sermons so numerous that years after his death, many of his sermons still continued to be published on a yearly basis. The Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, also holds a collection of Spurgeon's handwritten sermon notes from the years At present Delmarva Publications in Harrington, Delaware, is undertaking the work of publishing the complete works of Charles Spurgeon in eBook format.

The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection (63 vols.) | Logos Bible Software

Spurgeon started his preaching career in and became the pastor of New Park Street Chapel in Southwark the same year. A year after receiving the appointment of his new church, Spurgeon began publishing his sermons under the name of the "New Park Street Pulpit". Seven years later he, along with his congregation, moved to the newly constructed church at Elephant and Castle in Southwark which was able to better accommodate the size of his growing congregation. The new church was named the "Metropolitan Tabernacle" and from thenceforth as his sermons where published they bore the name of "The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit".

Spurgeon's printed sermons numbered 3, and are typically distributed in 63 volumes approximately 56 sermons per volume under two names, the first seven volumes are usually under the "New Park Street Pulpit" and the remaining 56 under the "Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit". From time to time this has been the reason of confusion for certain readers, causing some to wonder if these are two different publications and if the one is a select group of the other. Therefore in publishing the complete works of Charles Spurgeon which will include not only his sermons but also his commentarial works, we have elected to title all 63 volumes of his sermons under the heading of "The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit".

However on the title page of volumes 1 through 7 it will be notated "an original publication of the New Park Street Pulpit". Peter J Carter.

For the Troubled - Charles Spurgeon Sermon

References 1. Bath Road Baptist Church. Retrieved 20 January Metropolitan Tabernacle.

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Enrichment Journal. Dictionary of National Biography. The Reformed Reader. Retrieved 21 August Also see Dennis M. Far Eastern Bible College, Singapore. July The Gospel Coalition. Retrieved He would have been the first to admit that he enjoyed wine as one of God's gifts. I'm sure he would never have seen cigar smoking as a sin either.

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